Real Estate Intangibles

We provide intangible assets analytics for the real estate industry. The assets we primarily work with are customers, brands, users, and employees. Our main tools are standardized, benchmark-focused, best of breed surveys, complemented by in-depth research projects into trends and current topics as well as longer term industry dynamics.

At a Glance

What we do and how we do it.


For assets with well established cause and effect relationships, such as tenant satisfaction, we use scientifically proven models.


We only work with and for the real estate industry. We appreciate its nuances and understand where and how its intangibles behave differently than what they to for other industries. We appreciate the different roles and the unique challenges confronting and opportunities available to landlords, managers and advisories.


A good asset analysis depend on a comparative framework to evaluate your competitive position. We have wide and continuously expanding benchmarks that help our clients understand and strategically use and control their intangible assets.


We're analysts, not consultants. We offer products and solutions, not projects. We do not want to work closely with a few clients, but make clearly defined products everyone can and want to use. This means predictable costs and competitive prices.


We're also technologists. We have innovated proptech solutions since the late nineties, and use in house developed systems for all our intangible asset analytics. This allows us to tailor make every survey process, to optimize information flow and reporting.


Every intangible asset affects every other, and they all affect your profitability. With our Integrated Intangible Asset Perspective you can measure brand and customer, tenant, user, employee and stakeholder satisfaction, see their interaction and uncover potentials and challenges.

Key Real Estate Intangibles

The real estate intangible assets we primarily focus on.

Tenant Satisfaction

There’s a strong relationship between customer satisfaction and profitability. We measure the tenant portfolios of landlords and property managers and help them align their deliveries to their customers’ true (and not just stated) preferences. For new portfolios, we enable our customer to identify areas of over- and underinvestment and quality assure their overall tenant strategy. We work with them to integrate a customer satisfaction mindset into the company culture, and key measurement figures into existing processes and KPIs. Even though we work very closely with our customers, we are not a consultancy. We do not like and try to avoid billing hours. Our approach is very product and analytics centric. Our customers consistently find our report sets, supporting material, presentations, and included personal assistance sufficient to affect change processes that lead to lasting tenant satisfaction improvements.



User Satisfaction

Real estate leasing is increasingly moving from being a pure product to a combination of product and various services. Tenants no longer just buy square meters and feet, but expect an increasing range of integrated services, and a landlord that can adapt these deliveries to their changing needs. With a user survey, we document how well they all perform, uncover pain points, and gather suggestions and opinions. This enables landlords to better tune their offerings and deliver documented customer value.

Brand Benchmarking

Some intangible assets can be even less tangible than others, and brand often least of all. Our industry-specific and industry-wide brand benchmark compares the recognition and perception of key landlords, managers, developers and advisories, thus making brand strength and positioning tangible, actionable, and measurable.



Point measurements

Many companies have key processes where consistent, top performance, and execution is required. For landlords, one such process is tenant acquisition and onboarding. With our point measurement solutions, it’s possible to review and document the different phases from the signing of contract to the tenant moving in, with the goal of catching and correcting suboptimal performance as early as possible.

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Our products


NEMEET Customer Index

Customer Satisfaction for real estate leasing

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https://kundindex.se/ 🇸🇪


The Commercial Real Estate Barometer

Brand Barometer for Commercial Real Estate

https://eiendomsbarometeret.no/ 🇳🇴



User Satisfaction

User satisfaction for commercial real estate including coworking.


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